Kelly Spivey

Stein’s Cow, super 8mm, handprocessed, 3min, 2000
November 11, 2009, 9:58 am
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line cows

Stein’s Cow is a short experimental animated film using Xerox cut-outs.  It was originally shot on super8 film, hand-processed and rit-dyed fuchsia. Stein’s Cow is a visual play on the usage of the word “cow” in Gertrude Stein’s love poetry.  Theorists believe Stein used the word “cow” symbolically in place of the work “orgasm” in her writing.  Was this an attempt at hiding the lesbionic nature of her writings, or a playful, inventive re-assignment for the somewhat medical sounding “orgasm?” 2000 (click on image to view a YouTube except)